The Islamic Belief System

As Muslims, part of our identity is what we believe in. Aqeedah is our creed, our core beliefs. This series covers Aqeedah in relation to to the following:

  • Allah

  • The Prophets

  • The Angels

  • The Revealed books

  • Belief in Qadr

  • Al-Barzakh

  • The Day of Judgement

  • Jannah

  • Jahannam

  • Shirk & Kufr

Brothers and sisters are invited to join our weekly sessions as we reaffirm ourselves as to what our beliefs are.

These weekly sessions will be IN-PERSON or live online (Facebook, YouTube or this page), in shaa Allah

Every Tuesday at 6:30 PM (Nov 23 - Feb 8)

Please see graphic for more details and information

Please stay updated for information on future events, in shaa Allah.